my name is


my pronouns are


How to pronounce my name

'Jamie Tanna' is pronounced

Jay-me Tah-nah /ˈʤeɪmɪ ˈtænər/
This is how I pronounce my own name when speaking English.
How to use my name

My full name

Jamie Tanna
If you're adding me to a list of names, please use this name.

Personal name

This is the name I want to be addressed by during a conversation.

On an envelope

Mr J Tanna
Please use this name when adding my name to an address in a formal context. For example, on an envelope.

Formal name

Mr Tanna
I use this name in formal contexts. For example, a letter addressed to me might start 'Dear Mr Tanna'.

I also like to be called

  • JT
  • Tanna
It's always OK to use these nicknames or variants of my name wherever you use my personal name.
What I look like
How to use my pronouns
To speak about a person in English, you don't need to know their gender but you do need to know which pronouns to use. This information can't be determined from a person's name or what they look like, so we include it on everyone's page.


Jamie is a great cook.

He is really good at cooking.

Cooking comes really naturally to him.

Cooking is one of his best skills.

I think this cookbook is his.

He is cooking this recipe for himself.

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