my name is


my pronouns are


How to pronounce my name

'Melanie Mae Davis' is pronounced

mel-UH-nee mey DAY-vis /ˈmɛləni meɪ ˈdeɪvɪs/
This is how I pronounce my own name when speaking English.
How to use my name

My full name

Melanie Mae Davis
If you're adding me to a list of names, please use this name.

Personal name

This is the name I want to be addressed by during a conversation.

On an envelope

Mx. Melanie M. Davis
Please use this name when adding my name to an address in a formal context. For example, on an envelope.

Formal name

Mx. Davis
I use this name in formal contexts. For example, a letter addressed to me might start 'Dear Mx. Davis'.

I also like to be called

  • Mel
  • Moo
It's always OK to use these nicknames or variants of my name wherever you use my personal name.

You might hear me being called

  • Mae
There are some circumstances in which you might hear people using these variants of my personal name. Please don't use them except in those circumstances.
How to use my pronouns
To speak about a person in English, you don't need to know their gender but you do need to know which pronouns to use. This information can't be determined from a person's name or what they look like, so we include it on everyone's page.


Melanie is a great cook.

It is really good at cooking.

Cooking comes really naturally to it.

Cooking is one of its best skills.

I think this cookbook is its.

It is cooking this recipe for itself.

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